Join us for Potluck and Dance, September 18

Thom Howard playing mandolin

Thom Howard playing mandolin at the library's Snow Ball in February 2010

Join us Saturday evening for a welcome-to-fall potluck and dance at the Dexheimer Shelter, Cosmo Park, Columbia, Missouri.

Potluck starts at 5:30, dance at 7:00. Bring a dish to share. Water will be available.

Tom Verdot, fiddler

Tom Verdot playing fiddle at the library's Snow Ball in February 2010

Kathy Gordon playing bass

Kathy Gordon playing bass at Twilight Festival, 2007

Music by F-150 (Tom Verdot on fiddle, Thom Howard on guitar and mandolin, Pippa Letsky on mandolin and guitar, Kathy Gordon on bass)

Calling by Jim Thaxter

Guaranteeing a good time by all!

Pippa Letsky

Pippa Letsky can often be found playing fiddle or guitar at Cooper's Landing and other places around town

Jim Thaxter calling a dance

Jim Thaxter calling an old-time dance at First Night 2010

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