Columbia Square Dance — Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The next square dance in Columbia will be Wednesday, March 21st, at Cafe Berlin.  It will take place 8-10 pm.  Jim Thaxter and Laura Idle will call dances, and John White will fiddle.  It is following a Beard Contest 6-8 pm that Farm and Fiddle (a radio show on KOPN) is hosting as a fundraiser for KOPN.  Farm and Fiddle will air live from Cafe Berlin 7-8.  Everyone is of course welcome to attend the contest too.  You can enter the contest for $10 and Cafe Berlin will have a dinner available for $10, too.  Part of the money from those fees will benefit KOPN.  The dance will be free, but KOPN and the musicians will gladly accept donations!!  Thank you!

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