Contra Dance — Friday, November 2, 2012

Tom, Rebecca, and Thom

Our first MMTD dance of November will be this Friday, November 2nd. We are lucky to have 32 Bartenders* playing for us and Paula McFarling calling for us! 32 Bartenders is made up of Tom Verdot on fiddle, Thom Howard on guitar and mandolin, Marcie McGuire on piano, and Rebecca Logan on flute—fine musicians all! It’ll be a rocking good time!

The dance will be at the usual time and place: 7 pm lessons, dance 7:30 to 10:30 pm at the First Christian Church, corner of 10th and Walnut in downtown Columbia, north entrance under the driveway canopy. The dances start easy and become somewhat more difficult (but not impossible) as the evening progresses, so if you’re a beginner, come early. All dances are taught and no partner is necessary. Please wear clean soft-soled shoes to protect our gorgeous wooden floor. And most importantly, have fun! Children 15 and under: free (as always); ages16-25 and students of any age with ID: $4; 26 and older: $7, a bargain!
* No, we won’t be serving up drinks this Friday night, but we will be playing tunes made up of exactly 32 bars to go with the dances that also have exactly 32 bars. Hope to see you there!

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