Contra dance – Friday, February 21, 2014


No, there will not be heavy drinking involved! And no, there are not 32  members in the band! But  32 Bartenders will be playing a varied set of  tunes that are each exactly 32 musical bars (64 beats) long. Not coincidentally, the caller, Jim Thaxter, will be leading dancers through a series of figures that also take 32 bars (64 beats) of dancing. In other words, once through the tune equals once through the dance. Come experience the sense of joy that happens on the dance floor when the community comes together, and the music and the dance align perfectly.

photo of band members

Thom, Marcie, Rebecca, and Tom – serving up some lively 32-bar tunes for your dancing pleasure.

Beginners and experienced dancers alike are welcome to the Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers’ (MMTD) contra dance on Friday, February 21, at 7:30 p.m. at the Ballroom Academy of Columbia, 3910 Peachtree Drive.

All dances will be taught and called throughout the evening. Admission for the public is $8; students and ages 16-25, $5; with free admittance for children 15 and under.

MMTD’s dances are fun, community-oriented events that do not require prior dance experience. Individuals of all ages are welcome, as well as couples and groups. Beginners are encouraged to come to an introductory lesson at 7:00 p.m. Dancers should wear lightweight, comfortable clothing and soft-soled or leather-soled shoes to preserve the floor—no spike heels or cowboy boots. (Please carry in appropriate dance shoes as needed.)

MMTD sponsors regular contra and English Country dances throughout the year. Check our schedule for specific dates.

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