Concert and Contra Dance – Nov 2, 2018 with the Volo Bogtrotters

Concert and Contra Dance – Friday, Nov. 2nd.  Mark your calendars now for this special treat! The Volo Blogtrotters will be bringing their unique and high energy style old-time string band music for both a concert AND contra dance on Friday, Nov. 2nd. The concert will be 7:30pm – 8:30pm and the dance 8:30pm – 10:30pm. Please note this will be at a special locationLocust Street Expressive Arts Elementary School on 1208 Locust Street, Columbia, MO. Come early to find parking. Tickets will be $15, students – $10.

Members of the band include Lynn Smith (fiddle, mandolin, and vocals), Fred Campeau (fiddle, banjo, guitar, slide guitar, ukulele, and vocals), Steve Rosen (Banjo, fiddle, guitar, and vocals), Tony Scarimbolo (bass and vocals), Jim Nelson (guitar and vocals) and Paul Tyler (guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and vocals).

voloBogtrotters The Volo Bogtrotters are an old-time American string band, based in the Chicago area, that played songs and tunes from the string bands of the 1920s and fiddle music from the Midwest, as well as from other new and traditional sources. The band was together from about 1984 to around 2002 and during that period made four recordings on the Marimac Label. They played at many music festivals and traditional dance venues and were known for their driving twin fiddle sound and old songs gleaned from 78 rpm recordings. Six members of the band have recently united again (2011) to play occasional dances and festivals

Image 8-8-18 at 10.19 AM

Jim Thaxter, our caller, developed an interest in traditional dancing about the same time he was discovering the banjo. One thing led to another and he was a regular on the dance floor at the old-time contra dances about 40 years ago. Calling started about 10 years later. Numerous calling workshops at dance camps and dance weekends helped hone his skills. Calling for beginners groups made him more aware of the needs of the dancers for clear instruction. Calling is a great way to bridge the gap between listeners’ tapping toes and the lively rhythms from live musicians.



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