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Online Support Materials Content Page for the City of Columbia FY 2016 Arts Funding Application 

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 1. Spring Breakdown 2015 (video)

MMTD’s own 2015 Spring Breakdown in Kimball Ballroom with band “The Syncopaths” and special guest fiddler (and MU student) Roger Netherton.  Lisa Greenleaf  from Boston is calling.  This video demonstrates the interplay between musicians, caller, dancers and even the dance hall itself.


2. Musician’s Workshop (video)

The Spring Breakdown weekend features workshops for dancers, callers, and musicians to help grow and develop participants in the dance community.  On Saturday March 14th the Syncopaths held a musician’s workshop at DogMaster Distillery.  In this video the band leads a jam session in which participants each get an opportunity play a solo.  The spirit of fun and collaboration is evident.

This video is also linked on the Spring Breakdown Contra Dance Weekend Community Page:


3. Album of Spring Breakdown 2014 photos, courtesy of Luc and Dan Goldstein (photo website)



4.  Musician’s Workshop flier below or as a printable file here:  Band workshop flier color
Please note the Office of Cultural Affairs Logo bottom right corner.


Band workshop flier color


5.  2015 Weekend Registration Flier  (below or as a pdf here: 2015 Registration Form )  this flyer/registration form was mailed to over 400 dancers on MMTD’s mailing list; was mailed in quantity to dance groups in surrounding states; and was reproduced on MMTD’s website. Please note the Office of Cultural Affairs sponsorship acknowledgement.

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Spring Breakdown 2015 Brochure_Page_1