Community Dance

Other Traditional Dances in the Area

One of the joys of traditional dance is the feeling of connection—to your partner, to the musicians and caller, to the other dancers in the hall, and to the larger community—as you take part in a tradition that goes back 200 years and more.

We encourage you to check out the following family and community dances. All ages and experience levels are welcome at these multi-generational events:

  • Hallsville Square Dances—second Saturdays of the month
  • Columbia Square Dances—whenever we can find a time and place to dance
  • Ashland Community Dances—3–4 times a year (*not currently happening)
  • Lee School Dances— (*not currently happening)
  • Public Library Dances—2-3 times a year
  • English Country Dances— second Fridays of the month

For More Information

Members of MMTD have also helped bring music and dance instruction to schools and other organizations in the area, including Grant Elementary School, West Boulevard Elementary School, Girl Scouts,  and other organizations. To learn more about community dancing or to find out how to host a family dance for your school or organization, contact MMTD.