Workshop Descriptions

Friday, March 17th

Callers’ Workshop – with Susan Kevra  11a.m  to 4pm
Kimball Ballroom.   map
With Susan Kevra and Sam Bartlett.

Saturday, March 18
Yoga workshop with Jan Harcourt 9:30 – 10:15a.m
Kimball Ballroom – 2nd level.   map
If you can dance you can do this!  Whether you’re an advanced yoga practitioner or someone who thinks you can’t do yoga, there will be something for you in this workshop.  We’ll include a variety of activities: *Laughter Yoga (laughing for the health of it) to get the breath and energy moving.  *Alignment tips for stretching while protecting the joints. *Soothing movements from Qigong for sore joints and tired muscles.  *Guided relaxation to refresh your energy.  Expect to leave feeling ready for another day of dancing into the night!

Waltz  Workshop with Jerome Grisanti
March 18- 10:30–noon. with Jerome Grisanti.  These two workshops run concurrently.
Kimball Ballroom. 
We practice footwork, including the turning waltz and the grapevine, and experiment with handholds, turns and body positions. All the while, we continue emphasizing connection and communication.

French Dance Workshop – Saturday, March 18- 1:30-2:45 p.m
Kimball Ballroom, with Susan Kevra and Skippin’ Cats
If you love the energy of contras and the playfulness of English dancing, then you’ll love French bourrées! These dances – from central France – involve simple footwork, sprightly tunes and a whole lot of play. By the time you’re done, you’ll be making plans for a summer vacation in Auvergne, dreaming of creamy blue cheese, accordion and hurdy gurdy music! We’ll also toss in some simple Breton dances to bring out your inner druid and a few other classic dances from the bal folk tradition.

Dancing with the Stars:  – Saturday, March 18- 3:00–4:45 p.m.
Kimball Ballroom, with Susan Kevra and Skippin’ Cats.  A workshop  featuring contras, double contras, zias and squares containing  star promenades, gypsy stars, orbits, while also encouraging dancers to be  stars in their partner’s eyes.