Workshop Descriptions

Friday, March 16th 

Callers’ Workshop – with Beth Molaro  10a.m  to 3p.m.
Please note this workshop is the only activity being held at First Presbyterian Church, 16 Hitt St, Columbia, MO.  This workshop on teaching and calling dances is  aimed at supporting callers of all levels of experience or inexperience in building and improving their skills and experimenting with new ideas and will serve as a forum for discussion of such topics as effective teaching and walk throughs, the vocal skills for clear calling, planning dance programs, collecting dances, being an effective dance leader, and much more.

Saturday, March 17

Fun Formations  Workshop  – Saturday, March 17- 10:30-noon, Kimball Ballroomwith Jerome Grisanti
Not all contras are improper or Becket. Some are proper, some are downright indecent.  Some are written for exactly three, four, five or six couples, or non-couple groups.  And of course there are double contras and hybrid contra-squares.  We’ll sample some of these unusual formations, commencing with the Levi Jackson Rag.

Red Hot Turbo-Charged Squares Workshop – Saturday, March 17- 1:30-3:00 p.m, Kimball Ballroom, with Beth Molaro and Lift Ticket
Dancers who think that they don’t like squares are often surprised by Beth’s high-energy repertoire of dances.  She will change the mind of the most diehard contra dancer.  this workshop will focus on souping-up your square dance experience with choice squares, many fast-paced, some challenging, always fun and certain to improve your timing and enjoyment.

Go with the Flow Contras – Saturday, March 17- 3:15–4:45 p.m.
Kimball Ballroom, with Beth Molaro and Lift Ticket.  A series of dances that capitalize on flow and present opportunities to learn about the fine art of merging and other tools for making the most of good flow and timing.