Spring 2019 Schedule

***Important note*** For all dances please be sure to wear soft-soled or leather-soled shoes to preserve the floor; no spike heels or cowboy boots.  Please carry-in appropriate dance shoes as needed.

Spring 2019 Contra Dance Schedule (See below for English Country Dance Schedule)

Location is at 3906 Peachtree Dr, Suite E, Columbia, MO. (Same building as Bower’s Chiropractic and Cheer.)  Admission: $8 ($5 for students).


Feb 1 – Contra Dance, Band: 32 BarTenders, Caller: Claire Baffaut

Feb 15 – Contra Dance, Band:  SnorT Horse, Caller: Jim Thaxter


Mar 1 – NOTE:  NO Dance

Mar 15 – Contra Dance, Band: River Ridge String Band, Caller: Paula McFarling

Mar 29-31 – SPRING BREAKDOWN in Jefferson City  – Sign Up!

Band: STEAM, Caller: variety of callers


Apr 5 – BIG MUDDY FESTIVAL (Boonville)

Apr 19 – Contra Dance, Band: Campeau Creek Boys & Dedo, Caller: Lisa Harris


May 3 – Contra Dance with Open BandDave & Amber will lead, Caller: Claire Baffaut

May 17 – Contra Dance, Band: Three around Three, Caller: Jim Thaxter

May 31 – Contra Dance, Band: Scraphounds, Caller: Claire Baffaut


June 7 – Contra Dance, Band: Blackberry Pickers, Caller: Paula McFarling


July 19 – Contra Dance, Band: River Ghost Review, Caller: Jim Thaxter

Spring 2019 English Country Dance Schedule (2nd Fridays)

Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church, 1600 Rollins Road, Columbia, MO. NEW: Reduced admission: $5 ($3 for students) Recorded music, Caller: Jim Thaxter
Feb. 8 – English Country Dance
Mar 8 – English Country Dance

Apr 12 – English Country Dance

May 10 – English Country Dance